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Make sure your laser and your shows are Powered by Pangolin

Below you will see some of the most recent successful laser applications created by our customers using Pangolin's LD2000-series professional software and hardware.

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Not all laser software and hardware is alike. Make sure your lasers and your shows are Powered by Pangolin!

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2012 Mylo Xyloto World Tour
by Strictly FX (
Strictly FX is one of the world’s premiere laser and special effects companies and is no stranger to working alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. So when notorious rock group COLDPLAY went to decide who would incorporate a laser light show for them on their massive 2012 Mylo Xyloto world tour, Strictly FX was the clear choice.
Show Tech

The gear used on the road includes four 34-watt RGBY Arctos diode lasers, and two 32-watt RGBY Arctos diode lasers. The programming for such a show is no easy task, and the team at Strictly FX decided to go with long time partner Pangolin Laser Systems for the job. Strictly FX programmed the show using seven Pangolin LD2000/BEYOND
systems, including one LD2000 PRO system all ran via the Pangolin network.

2012 NBA ALL-STAR Game
by Laser Production Netowork (
To really encapsulate the excitement surrounding the 2012 NBA All-Star game, PITTBULL along with the event coordinators of the Orlando Amway Arena obtained the help of veteran laser light show company Laser Production Network (LaserNet) to produce
synchronized laser effects to match the energy PITTBULL was trying to create for the event’s halftime show.

Show Tech

The team at LaserNet used their new, state of the art, 22W RGB ScannerPRO system along with their 10W RGB ScannerPRO’s to light up the 800,000 square feet Amway Arena, home to the local Orlando Magic basketball team. The laser effects were created by LaserNet programmer David Walker using Pangolin’s award winning LD2000/BEYOND software run via a Pangolin TC2000 SMPTE timecode reader.

by Laser Tech Canada (
When SKRILLEX came to Canada to perform one of his word famous DUBSTEP sets, he knew he wanted to incorporate a stunning laser light show into the mix. So when the promotion team for this event was in preparation, they contracted Canadian laser entertainment company Laser Tech Canada to produce a show that would leave audiences remembering the night they heard the bass drop during the SKRILLEX performance.
Show Tech

Derek was hired to perform the lasers for SKRILLEX, he decided to use Pangolin’s all new BEYOND laser control software. As one of our beta developers and testers of BEYOND, Derek felt that the only real way to test and develop the software, was in a true “live” show environment. And one of the most important advancements he enjoyed using during the SKRILLEX performance, was the ability to for BEYOND to easily control multiple projectors in a live setting..

by Pyrotec & YLS Entertainment (,
Special effects and lighting are an important aspect for any major musical production and there was no exception at this year’s 2012 Grammy Awards. When Rihanna took the stage, to sing her hit single “We Found Love”, the reaction from the audience was overwhelming. A dazzling array of beautiful white laser light was projected above the crowd, and added a powerful yet complimentary touch to Rihanna’s sumptuous dance
moves and elegant voice..


Show Tech

The team at Laser Design Production used three 30W OPS laser systems positioned mid stage. In addition they used four more 25W systems placing two of them on top of the video wall and the other two positioned on stage left and right. To control the laser
projectors, they used Pangolin’s awards winning LD2000/BEYOND systems, inside of the QM2000.NET Laptop Box. To add a little more excitement to the mix, the team decided to use the LivePRO software from Pangolin to trigger laser cues “live” for the performance.

Rainbow International Outdoor
by Laserworld AG (
The choice was clear for Rainbow International GmbH when they were deciding which show laser company to choose for their 20th anniversary celebration in Aalen, Germany. For a project like this, where reliability, product quality and customer service are of the utmost importance; Rainbow International decided to go with long time partner Laserworld AG to supply them with the laser projectors, build-up, and programming for the show.
Show Tech

Laserworld supported this project by providing their RTI NANO 35W RGB system for the event, equipped with a Pangolin BEYOND System running in a .NET Laptop Box. Rainbow
International wanted to use a laser projector equipped with the latest technologies, to signify the companies high quality standards, and the RTI NANO was their first choice for the job. Laserworld’s RTI NANO projectors are made in Germany, and are equipped with all Coherent OPSL modules, and Cambridge 6210HP SE scanners coupled with a special RTI driver.

Permanent Beach Installation - English Channel
by CMT Events (
CMT have recently completed a 7 laser permanent installation on seafront in Weymouth, Dorset, transforming the English Channel into a spectacular array of laser light. The installation comprises 7 laser system each with an Coherent OPSL 8 watt green laser, designed by Arctos Laser Systems in Germany.

Show Tech

Each laser sits at the top of a 15m high column and the columns and lasers all form part of an Art installation which is jointly funded by the Arts Council and Weymouth and Portland Borough Council and forms part of the Cultural Olympiad taking place. The public will be able to see up to seven lasers projecting light patterns directly into and over the sea in Weymouth Bay. The lights will be visible anywhere in or around the Georgian seafront.

MGM Grand - Connecticut
by CT Lasers (
20 years have passed and Foxwoods Casino, along with one of its newest Towering hotels, the MGM Grand hotel, decided to celebrate their 20 year anniversaries with day after day of special events and exciting promotions. They decided to entrust a week of their nightly celebrations to the awe inspiring effects of Laser lights provided by CT. Lasers. The Lasers were used to enhance the exterior of their towering MGM Grand hotel with logos and eye-catching Laser effects.
Show Tech

CT. Lasers is a CDRH certified professional Laser system manufacturer of the "LuminanceRGB" and "Luminance532" Laser systems. For the event, CT Lasers employed 1 of their 15W/RGB systems for providing laser imagery and abstract visuals to the front of the MGM grand hotel visible from about 1 mile away. A 10 Watt 532nm Laser system was also used to project attention getting beams off of the roof (approximately 1/4 of a mile) to a mountain side opposite of the MGM hotel.

Warehouse Project
by AC Lasers UK (
The Warehouse Project is a series of club nights organized in Manchester, England and has been going on since 2006.

For one of the most recent Warehouse Projects, the organizers decided to utilize a laser light show, to add more excitement and energy to the high profile event. For two nights, over 5,000 people squeezed into the venue, and watched as UK based laser light show
company AC Lasers put on a spectacle of lights, that stunned the guests each night.
Show Tech

Andy Thompson and his team put in 5 lasers, including 2 x 5watt jenlas greens, and 2 x 17watt ops RGYB systems, as well as one Large RRGYCB OPS system. All of the lasers were controlled by Pangolin’s LD2000/BEYOND .net systems and were synchronized the
to the upbeat tempo of the dance music set.

In addition 8 bounce mirrors, 4 line gratings, and 2 burst gratins, were
mounted around the venue for additional laser effects.

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