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Laser Show Resources

Laser shows are one of the most brilliant special effects that can be created. 
Below you can read a variety of articles that discuss everything from Pangolin software and hardware,
to the proper laser connections, as well as laser safety, audience scanning, and more. 


Laser Light Show Articles

  • Laser Show Report – A review of the current trends we see emergin in the laser industry…Read now
  • Projector Connections – Do you have the right connections inside your projector?Read now
  • Laser Systems Components – Learn about the different types of laser systems and how they workRead now
  • Inside the Laser Projector – What is actually inside your projectorRead now
  • How to take good laser photos – It’s an art form. Learn the proper way to do it.Read now
  • Laser Light Show Trade Associations – Find out what organizations are helping laser companies grow.Read now

Laser Light Show Safety Articles

  • Audience Scanning – Learn more about this beautiful effect and the safety implicationsRead now
  • Laser Safety Thesis – Risk assessment methodology for the use of lasers in the entertainment industryRead now
  • Generic Safety Policy – A handy document to have for laser show operatorsRead now
  • Lasers and Aviation – Information about Lasers, Laser Shows, and Aviation SafetyRead now