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Pangolin and Clients sweep the 2016 ILDA Awards

ILDA Awards are considered to be one of the highest honors in the laser light show and laser entertainment industry. And at the 2016 ILDA Conference and Awards Ceremony in Baltimore, Maryland (that just concluded), Pangolin and their clients once again won the vast majority of ILDA awards received. Setting a firm precedent yet again, that Pangolin is the industry standard when it comes to laser...

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BEYOND Feature Table

BEYOND Artnet Controllers Media Tracks on timeline Projection zones Track Limitation QuickBeam Targets Workspace Pages Abstract Editor DMX in/out Dual plane tab view Effects Emulaser ERP - OpenGL preview Import ST2000 shows Import QuickShow shows Load and save pages Midi Midi Feedback Midi Surface Midi Template loading OSC Output to FB3 Output to FB4 Output to QM2000 Pangoscript Playlists...

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